Accolades from BlueShore Financial

BSF Appreciation Letter


“It has been my pleasure to work with Imperial Signs for over seven years. Imperial has been our primary

supplier of external signage for far longer, going back almost 25 years, and has remained throughout that

time an extremely valuable partner.


In 2013, North Shore Credit Union changed its operating name to BlueShore Financial. This required

changing out all external signage in all its forms in 14 locations. Imperial Sings was with me from day one to

help me manage this extensive project. From inventory to budget to design, production, permitting and

installation, Imperial led the way.


The project was by all measures very successful. All signage was completed on time, on budget and as

smoothly as possible. The end result was visually stunning and truly reflected our new branding. Any issues

along the way were handled efficiently and professionally. this was especially true in the permitting process,

where we had to deal with seven separate municipalities, each of which had its own “idiosyncrasies.”

Imperial’s knowledge and experience were essential to guiding our applications through.


The fact that we are continuing with Imperial for signage of our new head office and flagship branch in North

Vancouver speaks to the success of our partnership and reliance on their expertise.


I have always felt Imperial Sign acts with my best interests in mind and provides excellent value. I can,

without hesitation, highly recommend Imperial Sign.”



Lianne Darby

Sr Manager, Marketing Communications & Brand

BlueShore Financial