Complete In House Design

From creation to implementation

At Imperial Sign, we offer you a complete sign package for the corporate branding and visual identification of your company, from the design of your logo to its application, fulfilling all your site specific signage requirements. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable staff can create the most dynamic and effective visual identification program for both the exterior as well as the interior of your business. You can be assured that both the design and manufacture of your displays will reflect the quality and professionalism you would expect.

From sketch to production



A picture paints a thousand words…Be sure your corporate image expresses all you need to say.


A very important component to a successful visual display program, whether creating a new logo or working with an existing design, is the continuity of implementation of the image and any of its corresponding messages.

At Imperial Sign Corporation, we recognize the importance of a successful branding campaign. Let us work with you to establish the most dynamic and visually effective signage program for successfully promoting your company’s business.



Signage Criteria


For large scale signage projects that include multiple tenants, it is important to control continuity of the site’s style by implementing a signage criteria.

At Imperial Sign Corporation, we realize the importance of this design tool which allows for all tenants to have an equal and/or proportionate presence in the overall schematic of the site, while at the same time maintaining a harmonic balance between all of the site’s visual elements.

As part of our design services, we are happy to offer the development of this signage criteria.