File Preparation

When preparing a file for electronic transfer please ensure the file is exported in one of the following formats… Imperial Sign Corporation utilizes PC based computers, using the following programs:

  1. CorelLDRAW X6
    Acceptable file formats are:
    – (.cdr) & Adobe Illustrator (ai. / .eps) version CS5 or earlier
  2. AutoCAD 2006 and FlexiSign Pro ver 7.0
    Acceptable file formats are:
    – AutoCAD: .dwg or .dxf
    – FlexiSign: .fs / .ai / .eps
  1. Please check to see that your design file can be opened into an 8.5 x 11″ or 8.5 x 14″ page size or, if necessary 11 x 17″.
  2. Please include notes on the PMS colours or vinyl specs on a colour version of your graphic.Include a .jpeg file of your artwork for viewing reference only.
  3. Remove ALL ‘widths’ assigned to outlines of text or objects and replace them with two sets of ‘hairlines’ that recreate the width of the outline. ie. If a line has a thickness of .125″, then replace this one thick line with two hairlines (.005) that recreate the circle’s thickness.
  4. Convert ALL text to ‘curve’ or ‘path’ form. This changes the text to an object with outlines and therefore, we don’t have to have the font in house in order to use it.

PLEASE CHECK YOUR FILES by opening or importing them into your software. (If it doesn’t open for you onto your page, then it probably won’t open for us either…) Thanks.

Please call the Design Department if you have any questions or concerns.

Phone: (604) 464-1211
Fax: (604) 941-8496