Imperial Sign Corporation

Custom Signage and Architectural Lighting




ISC provides a range of design-build signage and architectural lighting solutions. Our goal is to optimize our clients’ visibility, as well as leveraging the architectural features of the buildings in which they work and live in a way that aligns to their brand identity.


ISC is pleased to offer our clients comprehensive service and maintenance solutions for the products we manufacture. In addition, we offer a range of consulting services, from structural engineering to image impact consultation.

ISC offers our clients a full suite of services, such as in-house crushing and recycling of energy-intensive fluorescent lamps. In addition, we are pleased to offer our design-build clients complete removal and recycling of acrylics, plastics, copper, aluminum and steel components.

Each year, we carefully track the greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) associated with our own operations, in an effort to reduce our carbon intensity. By 2021, ISC has set a goal of being fully carbon neutral—another North American industry first.