At ISC, we continuously strive to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment. We also seek to help our clients reduce theirs.


ISC is proud to offer our clients the following, designed to support them in minimizing their environmental impact:

  • Incorporation of carefully-sourced, cutting-edge sustainable materials and components into project deliverables
  • Recycling of acrylics, plastics, copper, aluminum and steel components as part of our takedown and removal service
  • In-house crushing and recycling of fluorescent lamps
  • Detailed technical estimates of energy savings from replacing fluorescent lamps with LED
  • Fluorescent-to-LED conversions on existing signage


ISC is an industry leader in producing sustainable signage and architectural lighting solutions. As the first-ever illuminated signage company in North America to be certified by Climate Smart, we audit the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with our operations annually, allowing us to determine how to efficiently and cost effectively reduce our environmental footprint.

Recent initiatives undertaken in this context include:

  • Full conversion of ISC’s light duty fleet to electric vehicles (EVs) – to our knowledge, an industry first
  • Installation of workplace EV chargers
  • Energy-efficient upgrades to ISC’s facilities
  • Building on long-standing waste reduction strategies with respect to use of raw materials
  • Transitioning to electronic solutions to limit paper consumption
  • Sourcing of products from likeminded, environmentally-conscious suppliers

As we build on these initiatives in the coming months, ISC has set the goal of being fully carbon neutral by 2021—another industry first.